jueves, 17 de marzo de 2016

Dialogos Urbanos Prioridades Regionales en Politicas de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano Sostenible.

URBAN DIALOGUE Regional Priorities For Housing & Urban Development NOW OPEN!  The Habitat III European Regional Meeting is currently taking place in Prague. To contribute to the ongoing process of drafting a New Urban Agenda, you can add your voice in shaping the future policies of the cities where you live by joining this Urban Dialogue.  Housing is a key factor in the quality of human life. It is also a major feature of liveable cities. Planned urban development constructed and used in a way that minimizes environmental impact, can promote economic, social and environmental sustainability and prevent urban sprawl. Planned urban development is also a means to increase resiliency of cities against natural and man-made disasters, such as flooding. However, the region faces challenges to housing and urban development, including urban poverty, demographic changes, climate change and disaster risk, urban growth and sprawl and weakened coordination in urban development.  From now until 20 March, individuals and organizations have the opportunity to contribute their input on the topic of Sustainable Urban Development in Europe to the Habitat III process.  The urban dialogue on Regional Priorities for Housing and Urban Development in Europe highlights both the challenges and opportunities cities face.
Participate in the discussion!
More information at www.habitat3.org
Habitat III Secretariat · DC2-974, Two UN Plaza · New York, NY 10017 · USA 

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